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The Vinator makes the task of cleaning or sanitizing bottles a breeze!  Just fill the resivoir with cleaner or sanitizer prime the pump and then start sanitizing!  Once primed just one or two pushes on a bottle placed upside down on the sprayer will ensure an even stream of solution will coat the bottle.  Because the bottle is upside down the excess cleaner will flow back into the priming bowl.  As a bonus add corks or caps to the priming bowl and they`ll be sanitized and ready for use when you need them.  

The Vinator fits on the top rung of our red Ferrari bottle tree so you can clean/sanitize and conveniently place the bottle on the drainer in one quick motion.


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Additional Info

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Worth itReview by Dakota
I'm new to brewing but over the years I remember hand scrubbing 50 bottles for a 5 gallon batch, and meticulously rinsing them with bleach 5+ times each to get the smell out. With this thing you just pour in some star-san, pump it up a few times, and you're ready to roll. The one thing that annoys me is that the insert which is held in by a little pressure of 3 prongs that line up has a habit of floating and rotating out of alignment for the first bottle or two until repeated pressure locks it in. Small complaint, that's why its a 4 on quality, but it's a legit item that's worth it.

$20 is worth my sanity rinsing bottles 250 times. (Posted on 8/1/2017)

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