Toro Negro Carmenere - 100% Pure, Fresh Chilean Juice


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Carmenere is a wonderful deep purple smooth yet rich grape with an amazing past. Interestingly Carmenere was one of the original six grapes grown in the Bordeaux region but it disappeared from French vineyards in the mid 1800s. Nearly 100 years later vines were brought to Chile and originally grew among beautiful merlot vineyards. Early in its Chilean existence Carmenere was found to thrive in the central region and has now become the countrys primary varietal.  You can enjoy this varietal for less than $2.60 per bottle!

About CarmenereCarmenere`s well known bouquet includes spices and well-balanced flavors.
NoseThe grape is rich in berry and pepper flavors
TasteSmooth well rounded tannins natural fruitiness

* These notes are based upon a general assessment of this variety and your results may vary.


How much fresh juice will I need to make wine?

All fresh Chilean juice is acid balaned and arrives in 6 gallon containers.

6 Gallons of Wine Juice (1 container)30 750 ml Bottles
12 Gallons of Wine Juice (2 containers)60 750 ml Bottles
24 Gallons of Wine Juice (4 containers)120 750 ml Bottles

Your yield may vary based on the sediment left behind at each racking.


About ordering Fresh Grape Juice

Our fresh grapes and juices will be harvested at their peak and shipped to Beer & Wine Hobby around early May based on the Chilean weather. Check our Harvest Updates page for current information. Customers will be notified by phone ahead of their grape`s arrival.

Only the highest quality grapes

We think that if it`s worth doing it`s worth doing right. We get our grapes and juice from some of the best regions from vineyards that produce grapes that highlight the true character of the terroir. The juice is crushed and pressed locally acid balanced and ready for your sugar correction and fermentation.


Additional Info

Additional Info

Color Red
Grape Quality Chilean Select Grape Juice
Super Saver Shipping No
Free Shipping No
Shipping options In store pick up only


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