Uvaferm 43 - 6 gallon pack


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A great yeast to use on stuck fermentations. It has a high alcohol tolerance, short lag time, and ability to ferment over a broad temperature range.

Great for a variety of styles of wine, this yeast demonstrates a relatively neutral sensory effect on the finished wine, but has been known to impart some berry and cherry aromatics.

Recommended fermentation temperatures from 55 to 95 degrees F, and up to 18% alcohol tolerance.

Note that if you are trying to restart a stuck fermentation, there will be a lag time before 43 begins to ferment the stuck wine as it gets acclimated to its` new environment. This is normal, and once it gets underway it usually proceeds at a good rate until it finishes. However, during this pause, since you are no longer getting protection from the CO2 of an active fermentation, you will have to take measures to protect the wine from oxydation and spoilage. This usually means flushing headspaces with inert gas and possibly using Lysozym, as well.

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