White Labs - WLP007 Dry English Ale Yeast


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WLP007 Dry English Ale Yeast: Clean highly flocculant and highly attenuative yeast. This yeast is similar to WLP002 in flavor profile but is 10% more attenuative. This eliminates the residual sweetness and makes the yeast well suited for high gravity ales. It also reaches terminal gravity quickly 80% attenuation will be reached even with 10% ABV beers.

Attenuation: 70-80%

Flocculaton: Medium-High

Optimum Fermentation Temperature: 65-70¡F

Alcohol Tolerance: Medium-High

Each vial of White Labs liquid yeast is designed to be used directly in 5 gallons hence the term `pitchable yeast.` Each vial is equivalent in cell count to a pint starter or 75-150 billion cells. One vial will usually start fermentation in 5 gallons in 5-15 hours at 70¡F. If a faster start is desired or if initial gravity is over 1.070 we recommend a 1-2 pint starter be made.

Additional Info

Additional Info

Origin N/A
Yeast Brand White Labs
Alcohol Tolerance No
Flocculation No
Attenuation Medium - High 8 - 12 %
Super Saver Shipping Yes
Free Shipping Yes


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