Basic Homebrewing Starter Kit


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Are you ready to start homebrewing?  You can begin right here!  In this kit, we provide the basic equipment to get brewing today.  Here`s what you get: 

  • (1) 6.5 gallon Primary Fermentation Chamber - for turning wort into beer!
  • Bottling Bucket with spigot- to fill bottles with your suds!
  • Cylinder Lock - keeps the air and bacteria out of your fermentation chamber
  • Hydrometer - use this to test your beer to determine (1) if its ready to ferment and (2) if its ready to bottle
  • 3/8" Auto Siphon - for transferring the beer
  • 5/16" tubing (5`) - used with the autosiphon
  • 5/16" Bottle Filler - fills bottles, attaches to the tubing
  • Capper - caps bottles
  • Caps - seals bottles
  • Bottle Brush - for cleaning, if necessary!
  • 4 oz StarSan - Sanitizer, of course!
  • 2 oz PBW - Cleaner used before sanitizing (use with bottle brush)
  • 5" Dial thermometer - for testing wort temperature (this is really important)

These items are all necessary to begin brewing.  And after you taste the fresh flavor and experience the great aromas of your first batch, you can add on to your brewhouse with items like a stainless kettle, wort chiller, and maybe even a mill.  Brew at your pace - we are here to help every step of the way!

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