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The Essential Homebrewing Starter Kit incorporates all the items in our basic setup with a great book to get you brewing like a pro, plus additional items equipment which drastically improves your brewing experience:

  • (1) 6 gallon Fermonster primary fermenter - for turning wort (unfermented beer) into beer! 
  • Bottling Bucket with spigot - to fill bottles with your fresh homebrew!
  • Cylinder Lock - keeps the air and bacteria out of your fermentation chamber
  • Hydrometer - use this to test your beer to determine (1) if its ready to ferment and (2) if its ready to bottle
  • 3/8" Auto Siphon - for transferring the beer
  • 5/16" tubing (5`) - used with the autosiphon
  • 5/16" Bottle Filler - fills bottles, attaches to the tubing
  • Capper - caps your bottles
  • Caps - seals bottles
  • Bottle Brush - for cleaning, if necessary!
  • 4 oz StarSan - Sanitizer, of course!
  • 2 oz PBW - Cleaner used before sanitizing (use with bottle brush)
  • 5" Dial thermometer - for testing wort temperature (this is really important)
  • The Complete Joy of Homebrewing, by Papazian - i.e. the `Brewing Bible`
  • Adhesive Thermometer - attaches to the Fermonster to keep you in the know, ensuring your batch consistently ferments
  • #10 Universal Stopper - keeps your beer safe from bacteria and air while it ferments in the Fermonster
  • Beer/Wine Thief - used to draw a sample to test the beer

Compared to our Basic Homebrewing Starter Kit, the Complete kit has many benefits:

  • The Fermonster is your primary Fermentation vessel; its smooth sides allow easy cleaning and sanitizing, and clear BPA-free plastic helps you monitor the process.  The wide mouth top ensures easy cleaning and sanitizing.
  • When attached to the Fermonster, the included adhesive thermometer monitors fermentation temperature, assuring your beer remains in the proper fermentation range. 
  • The #10 universal stopper and included airlock seal the Fermonster, allowing CO2 to escape during fermentation while keeping bacteria and oxygen away from your batch. 
  • The Beer/Wine Thief provides a way to sample your batch and check its specific gravity to determine when to move on to the next step.
  • The Joy of Homebrewing is the de-facto brewing guide.  The book is clear, easy to read and is loaded with time-tested recipes and tips to get you brewing quickly.

And as always, we are available to help you get brewing every step of the way!  The dedicated, knowledgeable Beer & Wine Hobby team is ready to answer your questions via phone, email or social media anytime!

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