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OptiRed is a natural yeast derivative nutrient used for improvement of red wines.

Opti-Red is certified organic by the OMRI (Organic Materials Research Institute) and is a unique inactivated yeast derivative nutrient. It is the product of a specific refining process which results in a high level of polyphenol reactive cell wall polysaccharides.

USE: Per 6 gallons mix one package of OptiRed in 1 ounce of water. Once dissolved add as desired. Add at the beginning of fermentation for improved color, rounder mouthfeel, and better tannin integration. Add at the end of fermentation to reduce harshness in flavor.

If adding early in fermentation distribute into the tank as it is filling or during racking. Opti-Red can also be added directly to the crusher. If adding after alcohol fermentation, add during racking. This will allow the winemaker to shape harsh polyphenols into smoothe, more approachable, tannins. This product is partially soluble. Stir to maintain suspension before and after addition.

Package Size: 7.2 grams (sufficient for 6 gallons).

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