White Labs Brewzyme-D

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Stop Diacetyl in its tracks!

Made with Alpha Acetolactate Decarboxylase (ALDC)

  • Eliminates the risk of diacetyl formation in your beer.
  • Reduces maturation time = Faster Beer Turnaround Timelines.
  • Improves overall beer quality.

Prevent hop-creep in dry hopped beers
Add during dry-hopping to thwart secondary formation of diacetyl.

Save Time & Money
Reduce the maturation time of lager by up to two weeks.

Dosage: HB (10mL): 10mL/ 20L(5Gal)

Activity Range: 
pH: 4.0-7.0
Temperature: 50-104°F (10-40°C)

How It Works

All yeasts produce a-acetolactate during fermentation, as a result of normal metabolism. Once excreted from the cell, a-acetolactate is naturally oxidized into diacetyl before being reabsorbed into the yeast cell. At times, this reabsorption can be stalled when fermentation is less active, fermentation temperatures are low, yeast is removed too soon, or other processes are employed, leaving residual diacetyl in finished beer

Brewzyme-D is an a-acetolactate decarboxylase (ALDC) enzyme. It acts by converting the precursor a-acetolactate (the precursor to diacetyl) into acetoin, an odorless and flavorless compound.

Brewzyme-D is an enzyme that causes the direct decarboxylation of alpha acetolactate to acetoin, thus avoiding the production of Diacetyl and reducing maturation time. Brewzyme-D produced from a submerged culture of Bacillus subtilis.


Reduces Diacetyl production

Significantly reduces maturation times

More efficient vessel utilization

Increases production capacity

Reduces energy usage

Improves beer quality

Additional Info

Additional Info

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