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Booster Blanc is a new fermentation activator developed by The Institut Cooperatif du Vin (ICV). It is made up of inactivated yeast cells from the natural yeast cells of Saccharomyces cerevisiae a yeast strain that was isolated by the ICV. Add at the start of fermentation for mid-palate mouthfeel and aromatic freshness. Add at the end of fermentation for mid-palate intensity mouthfeel contribution and overall balance and reduction of harshness. Booster Blanc provides a minor supply of yeast nutrients but does not replace the yeast program for the nutritional needs of yeast strains. Booster Blanc does not contain any inorganic nitrogen (DAP).

USE: Improves aroma decreases bitterness and reduces chemical and vegetal tastes (harshness) in white and rose wines.

WHEN TO USE: best used during the beginning of fermentation since it will help reduce the producton of sulfur and other off compounds.

Package size:  6 grams (sufficient for 5 - 6 gallons)

DOSE: Use at a rate of 1 gram per gallon dissolved in approx. 1/2oz of water. For 5 - 6 gallons - Mix 6 grams of Booster Blanc in 2-3 ounces of water. Stir periodically.



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